Photojournal - Streets of Havana (Photo Essay for the Sixth Issue of Dezine Magazine)

I recently spent a week photographing the streets of Havana, the Capital of Cuba.  It is an amazing city for photography: full of colourful vintage cars, beautiful people who are full of character, and interesting ramshackle architecture.  This blog was published as a photojournal for the online magazine Dezine.  Click through the slideshow below to view my Cuban travel images from the capital:

Cuba is a country located in the Caribbean, south of the US state of Florida, west of Haiti and north of Jamaica.  Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, and has over 11 million inhabitants.  Havana is the capital city and leading commercial centre of Cuba.  Below is a description of the photos in the slideshow above in the order they are seen with links to the individual images on my Flickr account:

1.  Havana is full of colourful old classic cars.  Here one causes a splash after a rainfall in front of an Orthodox Russian Church along the seafront.  

2.  The city of Havana attracts over a million tourists annually, subsequently the entrepreneurial locals have figured out ways to cash in such as posing for photographs with the local cigars.

3.  The streets of Havana are full of energy and life.  Here a taxi driver stops to buy some fresh fruit, while a man on his bicycle sells freshly cut flowers.

4.  You hear music everywhere in Havana, here some street musicians play the classic Cuban song, 'Guantanamera'.

5.  Along with classic cars you will find many other forms of transport in Havana including the Horse & Cart which is used an an alternative form of taxi for the locals.

6.  Evidence of Cuban's communist past still exist throughout Havana.  Here a local poses as Che Guevara for the benefit of the tourists.  

7.  Havana is full of beautiful, colourful, old colonial buildings, many of which have fallen into ruin including these along the seafront.

I have written two previous photography blog posts from my trip to Cuba, the first being, 'Street Portraits in Havana, Cuba', and the second, 'Cuba and Cigars'.  More of my travel photography from Havana can be found on my website, my Facebook and my Flickr account.  This photo journal, 'Streets of Havana' can be viewed in full here in the sixth issue of Dezine magazine.  If you are interested in purchasing any prints, using an image online or would like further information please send me an email at:

Photo Shoots & Street Art in Lima

I have recently been doing some photo shoots in the Miraflores and Barranco districts of Lima, Peru.  If you are interested in a photo shoot send me an email or contact me via social media.  For part of this session with the Venezuelan Violinist Nataly Suito, I took some photos against the backdrop of some new street art in the Miraflores area.  The colourful art has been painted outside the new Wahios Miraflores Bar on Calle Berlin.  Click through the slide show below to view some of the photo shoot:

In the past I carried out some lifestyle type photo shoots for the clothing brand Sundried when it was first starting out.  I still prefer candid photography including travel and street photography.  However, this type of photography can be fun and challenging, offering new skills to learn as a photographer.  I love street art, graffiti and art in general so combining the two seems very natural.  The artwork is very colourful and includes excellent pieces of Einstein and the Mona Lisa.

The addition of the musical instrument as a prop added another element to the photos especially when using a wide angle lens.  For the images above I used a Canon 5D IV and the excellent Canon EF 16 - 35mm lens.

More of my travel photography can be found on my websiteInstagramFacebook Page and my Flickr account.  If you are interested in collaborating on future projects, or would like to purchase a print, please send me an email: