Photo Shoots & Street Art in Lima

I have recently been doing some photo shoots in the Miraflores and Barranco districts of Lima, Peru.  If you are interested in a photo shoot send me an email or contact me via social media.  For part of this session with the Venezuelan Violinist Nataly Suito, I took some photos against the backdrop of some new street art in the Miraflores area.  The colourful art has been painted outside the new Wahios Miraflores Bar on Calle Berlin.  Click through the slide show below to view some of the photo shoot:

In the past I carried out some lifestyle type photo shoots for the clothing brand Sundried when it was first starting out.  I still prefer candid photography including travel and street photography.  However, this type of photography can be fun and challenging, offering new skills to learn as a photographer.  I love street art, graffiti and art in general so combining the two seems very natural.  The artwork is very colourful and includes excellent pieces of Einstein and the Mona Lisa.

The addition of the musical instrument as a prop added another element to the photos especially when using a wide angle lens.  For the images above I used a Canon 5D IV and the excellent Canon EF 16 - 35mm lens.

More of my travel photography can be found on my websiteInstagramFacebook Page and my Flickr account.  If you are interested in collaborating on future projects, or would like to purchase a print, please send me an email: geraintrowlandphotography@gmail.com.