Street Photography: Amazing Black and White Examples

An article on Street Photography by, including an image of mine taken in Santiago, Chile, South America. NB: Colour version shown here.

Street Art & Street Photography in Santiago, South America.

Street Art & Street Photography in Santiago, South America.


Although we walk the streets every day, we do not always notice the beauty in them. Street photography is one of the photography topics that help us to see the streets around us in a different and creative way.

Street photography mainly focuses on everything we can see in the streets including people, pets, objects, and cars. It allows you to see the streets through a camera frame, and this little change in your point of view can help you notice the feelings and emotions behind these ordinary scenes. For example, you can take street photos of people to show the feelings of being in a rush, waiting, sadness, or being homeless.

Time plays a significant role in street photos, because it adds an extra value to the old streets and objects and brings up memories from the past.

Black and white can also give a dramatic look to the shots because you actually take the colors out of the image and let the viewer focus on the objects, light, and shadows.

You can use black and white photos, also known as monochrome photos, to shoot street photography. This will help you to focus on people’s feelings, faces, and emotions. Also, it can help you to show the effect of time in the image.

In the following showcase, you can see black and white street photography examples of people and objects in streets from around the world. You can compare the impact of black and white in the compositions with the ordinary colorful street scenes you can see every day, and share your thoughts with us.

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