Santa Monica and the End of Route 66

Last Summer, a friend and I drove across the US from East to West from Chicago to Santa Monica in California.  For much of the road trip we followed the famous Route 66, although we made a detour to Las Vegas for a week.  It was my second visit to Santa Monica in California, it's a lovely place, somewhere I could definitely live although the cost of living seems very high.  The beach area is great for photography especially around the famous Santa Monica Pier.  Click through the slideshow below to view some of the images I took there:

Santa Monica Dream

Angus & Julia Stone

Goodbye to my Santa Monica dream
Fifteen kids in the backyard drinking wine
You tell me stories of the sea
And the ones you left behind
Goodbye to the roses on your street
Goodbye to the paintings on your wall
Goodbye to the children we'll never meet
And the ones we left behind
And the ones we left behind

I'm somewhere, you're somewhere
I'm nowhere, you're nowhere
You're somewhere, you're somewhere
I could go there but I don't

Rob's in the kitchen making pizza
Somewhere down in Battery Park
I'm singing songs about the future
Wondering where you are
I could call you on the telephone
But do I really want to know?
You're making love now to the lady down the road
No Iā€¦

More travel photos from my trip across the USA on Route 66 can be found on my website, my Instagram, and my Flickr Route 66 Album.  If you are interested in purchasing any prints, using an image online or would like further information please send me an email at: