Travel & Street Photography Tours in Barcelona

For information on my travel and street photography tours in Barcelona please drop me a line at: geraintrowlandphotography@gmail.com.  

I carry out one-to-one and small group sessions regardless of your level, ability or type of camera!  Let's explore the streets of beautiful Barcelona together and capture some of it's magic.  

Street Photography & Street Art Tours in Barcelona.

Street Photography & Street Art Tours in Barcelona.

Get to learn your way around Barcelona whilst taking photos of the architecture, the street art and the locals.  I can take you to the best spots in the City for photography ensuring you return from your trip with great photos.  I can assist with technical or compositional techniques to ensure you achieve better photographs whilst here in Barcelona.  

At the end of these sessions we can review the photos taken in a traditional Catalan Bar over a Vermut or cold Beer or at a Cafe over a Coffee, depending on your preference!  Click through a selection of street shots taken on previous tours in Barcelona:

I am an International Travel & Street Photographer who has exhibited in the UK and South America.  I have held street photography Tours in Peru, London and more recently Barcelona. Contact me if you have any enquiries at: geraintrowlandphotography@gmail.com.

See you on the Streets.  Saludos!

More of my street photography can be found on my website, my Instagram, and my Flickr account. If you are interested in purchasing any prints, using an image online or would like further information please send me an email at: geraintrowlandphotography@gmail.com.