Peruvian Sunset Photography by Geraint Rowland

Sunset images are still one of my favourite types of photo to take.  No two are ever the same and if taken well they have universal appeal.  In the last five years I have spent a large amount of time in Peru and have photographed a lot of Peruvian sunsets.  The majority of time has been in Lima, which can have amazing sunsets during the Summer months, but I have witnessed equally stunning sunsets in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, Arequipa, Iquitos near the Amazon, and the beaches in the North such as Huanchaco, Chicama, and Chiclayo.  Click through the first slideshow below to view some of my Peruvian sunset photos: 

How to take good sunset photographs

There is a wealth of useful information online regarding how to capture sunsets and the techniques involved.  Without getting too technical here are some tips for shooting beautiful sunsets:

Timing: When taking sunset photos, preparation is obviously important, being in the right place at the right time is a must.  So if you can, try and take photos of the setting sun at the best time of the year.  For example, Lima is often referred to as the Grey City (Lima La Gris) due to the constant fog for much of the year.  In Lima you will have a much better chance of capturing a good sunset during the summer months (December to January).  Get to the chosen location in plenty of time to experiment with different angles and frames.  Don't forget to wait some time after the sun sets, this is the time the sky often becomes the most spectacular.  

Tripod: As the sun drops, so does the light, for a clear image you will need a good tripod.  This will also help if you want to capture movement in your sunset images (such as the motion of the water).  In addition, long exposure photos can make the colours more vivd.  If you do not have a tripod, try resting your camera on a solid surface or at ground level.  If this is not possible you will have to increase the ISO and open up the aperture as much as possible.

Travel: To capture the best sunsets you have to travel.  This doesn't necessarily mean you have to travel overseas to exotic locations but this obviously helps.  Instead, try and explore your local area to end up with a variety of sunset shots from different locations as opposed to going to the same tried and tested spot each time.  Click through the carousel below for more images of the setting sun taken in Lima:

More of my travel photography from Peru can be found on my website, my Facebook and my Flickr account.  I recently wrote a blog on Ocean Art Photography, many of my abstract photos are taken during the sunset period.  If you are interested in purchasing any prints, using an image online or would like further information please send me an email at: